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Bioethika International is the joint project of Dr. Indunil A. Weerarathne of Sri Lanka and Dr. Ingrid Naiman of the U.S. It is the only site associated with Sacred Medicine Sanctuary that is linked to Facebook and Twitter.

Sacred Medicine Sanctuary is the off-spring of Ingrid Naiman's research on botanical cancer treatments. It has never offered any escharotic products, but it has an extensive line of re-creations of the historic formulae discussed in her book as well as many products that can be used adjunctively in cancer treatment. Because of her long-time interest in Ayurvedic medicine, great effort has been made to bring the most important Ayurvedic herbs to our customers. Dr. Indunil has been producing pdfs that explain the traditional and clinical uses of some the herbs available on this site.

Due to her research, Ingrid Naiman has developed important products for people who have been exposed to mold, for those suffering from blood, brain, and intestinal parasites, as well as metal toxicity. Both Dr. Indunil and Ingrid Naiman have been able to observe the actions of herbs in live blood microscopy and therefore have a unique understanding that has allowed them to develop important formulae for patients with a wide range of conditions — that if not corrected would inhibit recovery from major illnesses.

The launching of Bioethika International is part of a longer-term plan to devote more time to research, something that is only possible when there is support for the existing offerings.

All Sacred Medicine herbs and essential oils are made to the finest standards, using the highest quality plant material, the best processing methods, and the best packaging possible. No corners are ever cut so while sometimes not price competitive, our quality is incomparable.





Cancer Salves: The bookThe methods described in Ingrid Naiman's book Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment were traditionally used mainly for breast tumors and skin cancers, but they have been successfully employed for a wide variety of other malignancies, including pancreatic, liver, and kidney cancer. Derivative treatments can be used for uterine-cervix and brain cancer as well as many abnormal conditions affecting the lymphatic system. The internal tonics, often regarded as more important than the external, can be used as either the primary or an adjunctive treatment for most cancers.







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