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At least a quarter of couples marrying today cannot take for granted that they will be able to have children without some dramatic intervention. This is probably due to a host of hormone disrupting chemicals to which most of us are exposed in greater or lesser measure. While this alone is grounds for serious concern, of even greater consequence is the increased incidence of cancer, especially among a younger and younger sector of the population.

Xenoestrogens can come from a variety of sources, but the bulk of the non-human hormones come from ingestion of animal products. This is followed by use of birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy. There are also substances that mimic hormones. These are largely found in petrochemicals, everything from plastics to fuel inhalation.

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Bilberry Glycerite, 2 oz.

Bilberry has been clinically shown to lower the risk of a number of diseases affecting the eyes, heart and cardiovascular system, blood sugar, and certain types of cancer, especially estrogen-sensitive cancers. It has antioxidant and eye protective properties.

Alcohol: none

Contents: Vaccinium myrtillus leaf & berry in distilled water and pure vegetable glycerin.


Chaste Berry Extract - Vitex agnus castus

Chaste Berry Extract, 2 oz.

Chaste berries are female hormone regulators, especially where there is excess estrogen and low progesterone. This herb is the cornerstone of many Western gynecological programs, including the menstrual cycle, infertility, and menopause. It is thought to work through the pituitary body, not directly on the hormones of the reproductive system. The berries are also used to relieve paralysis and nerve pain.

Alcohol: 40%

Contents: Vitex agnus castus, fresh fruit and organic grain alcohol.




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