Holy Basil Extract, 2 oz.

Ocimum sanctum

"Tulsi" means "the incomparable one" and holy basil is one of the most revered herbs in India. It is mentioned in the oldest texts and comes in numerous varities, the main two being plants with green leaves or purple leaves. 

It is a rasayana herb, often used to calm, but it has the same high eugenol content of famous analgesics. Tulsi may therefore be a COX-2 inhibitor. It has also been found to lower blood sugar and cholesterol.

Tests of radioprotective properties suggest that tulsi protects against bone marrow damage even with high exposures to irradiation.  It can therefore be use therapeutically and should be considered prior to any diagnostic evaluations or treatment involving radiation.

Holy basil is immune enhancing but for certain uses, the essential oil of tulsi is preferred over the tea or tincture.  The oil is suitable for topical use as well as for very careful internal use.

Tulsi is widely used for its calming actions on the nerves and brain.  It can reduce the severity of many signs of neurodegeneration.  It is sattvic in nature and is an adaptogen, i.e., a substance helping to deal with the side effects of stress.

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