Shatavari Extract, 2 oz.

Asparagus racemosus

Shatavari is a galactagogue and rasayana herb, used mainly but not exclusively by women. It is a hormonal regulator and useful at changes of life. It increases the libibo of both men and women. Like ashwagandha, it is also an adaptogen. Laboratory studies suggest that shatavari protects the brain and nervous system from damage from excitotoxins .

Shatavari is a jungle herb and is nourishing to tissues, especially tissues of the reproductive and urinary systems, but it is generally soothing throughout the body, including the respiratory system or any areas that are dry and brittle.  Shatavari also works on gastric muscoa and can be used for duodenal ulcers.  Treatment needs to span at least six weeks.

The root is also effective against certain fungi, notably all Candida strains.

Shatavari balance pitta and vata and may slightly increase kapha.

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