Peru Balsam Essential Oil, 5 ml.

Myroxylon pereirae

Peru Balsam is not actually from Peru but rather Central America.  It is collected by cutting into the tree, wounding the tree that, in turn, creates a sap to heal the wound.  This resinous substance is very fragrant with a vanilla-like aroma.  The resin too thick to use in a nebulizing diffuser, but it is often used as a fixative in blends due to its properties.

Peru Balsam is found used as a flavoring in many products in the food industry, everything from soft drinks to barbecue sauces and chewing gum.  It is also widely used in the perfumery and personal care products such as soap, shampoo, and lotions.  It is sometimes added to blends to retard evaporation.

Peru Balsam has many therapeutic benefits.  It has a specific action on the bacteria causing tuberculosis and works both to suppress coughing and eliminate the disease. It is also used in dentistry on dry sockets. It is an ingredient in some toothpastes and powders. It can be combined with other ingredients to make wound treatment as well as burn and frostbite ointments.  It is also a major ingredient in some suppositories for hemorrhoids.  It has some anti parasitic properties when taken internally or applied externally for conditions like scabies.



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