Manjistha Extract, 2 oz.

Rubia cordifolia

Manjistha is the main blood cleansing herb in the Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia. What is unique about manjistha is that it supports deep detoxification without precipitating imbalance or undesirable side effects such as happens with die off, what some people call a healing crisis. It mainly supports blood cells and muscles, but the roots are astringent and can be used to stop dysentery. Manjistha helps to eliminate excess pitta and aids in the removal of toxins from the blood, liver, kidneys, and skin. It is the primary herb used in all Ayurvedic blood purification formulas as well as preparations that improve the complexion. As a rasayana herb, it is interesting to note that even though it is detoxifying, it is also pacifying.

In addition to its fame in helping to build good quality hemoglobin, manjistha contains an acid that helps to dissolve calcium so it is cleansing to the urinary tract as well. Manjistha can also form an important part of protocols to regulate menstruation.

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