Andiroba Oil, 2 oz.

Carapa guianensis

Andiroba oil is anti-inflammatory and penetrates easily though more or less solid at room temperature.  It makes a good carrier for safe and effective insect repellents and also helps when removing ticks.  In short, consider it for your summer outdoor activities including homemade candles for dinner in the patio.

It does make a good massage oil because of its fast penetration and can be used on sites where insects have bitten their victims.  It can also be used on the chest when there is coughing.  It has a cooling effect on the skin.

Even though andiroba oil is used to repel insects, the aroma is not at all unpleasant.  It has a hint of fruit, not quite citrus-like but close.  Being high in omega-3, it is often included in products used on the hair and skin to battle the signs of aging.  Andiroba has some pain relieving effects and is used on joints and muscles that are sore. Holistic veterinarians sometimes use this on ear infections and clear mites.


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