Black Pepper Essential Oil, 5 ml.

Piper nigrum

Ayurveda regards black pepper as tridoshic, but, of course, most people are sensitive to the pitta arousing potential of this spice. Culinary pepper is made by drying the unripe green fruit.

While Black Pepper Essential Oil can be taken in small doses internally, it has benefits for the skin as well. It is an excellent antioxidant so when blended with a carrier oil, it reduces signs of aging. It can be added to massage oils, ointments, and lotions as well as used as a flavoring or digestive aid. It is particularly helpful for people with stagnation such as poor digestion, phlegm, and sluggish circulation.

Black Pepper Essential Oil can be used for joint pain. Try combining it with Boswellia Essential Oil, in a carrier.

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