Rhatany, CO2 Extract Oil, 5 ml.

Krameria triandra

Rhatany is native to Peru and neighboring countries and grows in the Andes.  It contains tannins so has astringent properties and can be used as a styptic for small wounds. It is also sometimes used to staunch excessive menstrual bleeding and diarrhea.

In Peru, it is used to whiten teeth and to treat a variety of oral health problems, including sore throats, gingivitis, periodontitis, and bleeding gums. It can be blended with myrrh and/or sage for a wide range of conditions in the mouth.

Since this is a CO2 processed root, it is very concentrated.  When diluted, it can be used as a douche or in a sitz bath where there are vaginal conditions or hemorrhoids.

Though generally regarded as safe, most people only use it short-term to normalize conditions that respond quickly to treatment.  The extract can be used to make tea or preserved in alcohol.  Externally, it can be used diluted as a poultice or wound balm. In South America, it is applied to cloth and used on leg ulcers.


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